Monday, April 27, 2009

The First 100 Days

It's an Obama-nation.

I'm really bummed-out. Dissapointed. Disillusioned. Sad for so many people. And surprised. Mostly surprised, by people I know who are so out of touch with reality - out of touch with life, real life, and the world we live in (as bad as it can be). I see them everywhere, talk to them, listen to them on the news and talk shows, and read them in the papers. They're even in the family, in the blood (so to speak) - which is most bewildering.

I find myself now only feeling sorry for the person speaking or writing on the success and jubilation of the first 100 days. There is true euphoria - everywhere! I'm more cynical than ever. Where others see 'success' and 'victory', I see absolute failure and defeat. How can this be? How do you tell someone they are living in a different paradigm, another un-parallel universe (slightly tilted)? There are two polar opposites working in American politics today - yet it goes far beyond politics alone - its color, faith, economics, race, liberty, motivation, moral conduct, joy, fear and hope - polar opposite views on everything.

The local paper yesterday listed the first 100 day accomplishments of Obama: Guantanamo, Torture, Stimulus, Bank Rescue, Auto Rescue, Embryonic Stem-cell research, Greenhouse gases, Iraq, Afghanistan, Budget, Health Care, Muslim Relations & The Changing Washington Culture.

So for every so called 'success' - I see complete and absolute failure. And its not just me seeing it, I'm not deluding myself. This is how bad it is: everything is upside-down, everything. Those who are to blame, are praised. Those who are to be praised, are blamed. What was right is wrong. What was wrong is now right. What was un-holy is holy.

I had grand plans of detailing line-by-line all of the atrocities of the new administration during the first 3 months of occupation. ("Atrocities" is a word I picked carefully here - make no mistake.) But I can't do it - just read the paper and listen to the media. You'll hear whatever it is that you want to hear.

But OK - take heart! And remember that as a believer, and praying that God's will would be done, Obama won. Then, if you are brave enough - read the Old Testament - and be very afraid. Then, read the New Testament - and have hope. The books of Revelation, Ezekial, Jeremiah & Danial have new meaning and insight. Watch Israel. Watch the Muslim world. Watch the Communist world.

And sit back on the porch at Starbucks, with a grande drip, and watch it all unfold right in front of you. Exciting times.


Anonymous said...

I am with you 100%! People hear and see what they want to hear and see. As for the first 100 days, I see someone frantically wanting to change EVERYTHING and keep everything so chaotic that by the time we figure out we've been hood-winked, it'll be too late. (If it isn't already)

DJ Wickwire said...

It's true that we live in an upside down world. What is wrong is made to feel right and what is right is made fun of. It's the domino effect of the original fall of man--we're just seeing today's version.

And because of the power shift last election we're actually FEELING it and SEEING it even more. Except for our hope in Christ, and the promise that he is preparing a better place for us, we're all screwed!!

In the meantime what do we do? I believe we are called to personally live our lives to the glory of God and stand up and speak out for what is right. Which is exactly what you're doing with this blog Scot. Bravo!

Nick said...

What I find ominous is felt "change" in the values of America. Four years ago i felt a sense of revival in the Church. That feeling is now gone and I feel nothing but loss for the Church.

What/who caused the change? I don't know if we can blame Obama for this, though it's nice to try. I don't think McCain would have done much differently.

We are being battered on so many sides. They are chipping away at the sacrament of marriage. How did that become a political issue anyway? They are chipping away at the role of the church in public life. They have destroyed the sanctity and joy of life. They/we mock and turn our Savior into swear words and brand us threats to national security.

It would be nice if it all came from one side, but it seems both parties are trying to rid themselves of the faithful. Democrats have done a great job at marginalizing religious voters and Republicans are playing into their hands by shedding the christian root to attract more independents.

There is no moral Rock in this country. I'm afraid all is lost.

Scoty K said...

I agree Nick - great comment. You know, I actually believe we would be worse off had McCain been elected.

Stay tough - walk tall, all is not lost yet!

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