Thursday, May 14, 2009

Q: What about ME ?

A: What about you ?

So, last night was the season finale of "Lost". I like the show and have been watching it since the start. I do find it intriguing - and I keep coming back for more. (one more season to go). I've never read a word from the multitude of books and websites dedicated to solving all the mysteries of the show.

But last night, for the first time, we met the ultimately mysterious 'Jacob'. He's in charge of the Island, the boss. What he does and who he is - nobody really knows. But he IS in charge - make no mistake. Jacob doesn't age. Jacob is everywhere. Jacob isn't bound by time. Ben is going to kill him, and he's been put up to the job by John. But John isn't really John - someone or something has taken over John and given him powers of extreme confidence, persuasion, good looks and pride. John (this fake John) apparently can't kill Jacob himself, he needs someone else to do it - so Ben: somebody who is really mad at Jacob, because over the years Jacob didn't do everything he wanted, even though Ben did everything that Jacob wrote down for him to do (in writing, he never talked audibly to him). He, Jacob, even allowed Ben's daughter to be killed. Ben even got cancer while serving Jacob.
So Ben says, "all these years, I've done everything you've written for me to do!", "I've followed all of your instructions!" he said. (I've kept your law). Ben is mad - at everything - everyone - and particularly mad at Jacob. He can't take it any more.
"What about me?!", he asked Jacob.
Jacob replies softly, "What about you?"
And Ben stabs Jacob. And the island goes white in a nuclear blast.
Not to become too philosophical here (it's just a tv series after all), but "What about you"? It's in the inflection of the word 'about'. What's this all about anyway?
(I took this picture of an old statue on the Charles Bridge in Prague - a depiction of prisoners in purgatory, bound and praying and looking up).


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the last 4 or 5 episodes, but now I'm totally intrigued. I'll be caught up soon and then maybe I'll understand a bit more. Because, afterall, it's "about" understanding...right?

Scoty K said...

There certainly is a Biblical message in this last episode, and I found it fascinating. There are so many corollaries to God, Jesus, Satan, and man's relationship to each - and his endless cry 'what about me?' - and the Lord's response 'what about you?' - where do you stand? (the writers are good - wish I were on the team!)

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