Sunday, June 14, 2009

57 Years

This past week, my parents celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. Wow. I only know it was number 57 because in 2002, we all went to Dublin, Ireland to celebrate their 50th. So 7 years later, is #57. We have big plans for their 60th.

This is a picture of them the day they were engaged (no, i didn't take it). Fulton, NY is a long way from Dallas, Texas. The story goes (as with all Texans): they got here as soon as they could.

I saw them today at lunch, after church. They look the same - they really do. They're just teenagers - 57 years later! It's amazing. Their life is complicated, yet very simple. They stay stressed, yet seemingly always calm. They have everything, yet, they have very little. They're highly educated, yet common. They've travelled the world, yet 'downhome'. They know everyone, but you're the only one in the room.

Do you think you know someone after 57 years? I would think so. But life is never dull for these guys - everyday is a new day and exciting. There's so much family, I guess there's not much time to think about yourselves. Time flies when you're having fun - right? No, time just flies - so you might as well just have fun.

And they are!


jordenlane said...

i think mimie and papa - should share some advice here....great blog

Tom T. said...

Scot, I'm always impressed by the insight and perspective you have on things/life. It's always simple, yet very clear cut. Love you brother.

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