Friday, August 14, 2009

Kahlua & Me (2)

Every Saturday morning we go garage sailing. Unlike the old days, now, we rarely buy anything. We focus on 'estate sales', but occasionally will stop at a couple of old fashioned garage sales to see if there's a gem in there somewhere.
I just KNOW someday I'll be the one who finds that original Picasso someone is unknowingly selling for $5.

One of my favorite finds is a good quality stuffed animal that some little kid has grown tired of (or more likely, some mom has grown tired of). If it looks new and nice and fluffy, and cheap ($1 is my limit) - I'll get it. For Kahlua. Gund is best. Gund with something that makes noise inside is even better. I'm not proud either - if it's fancy and new and has a high price tag - I offer a $1 - and I always get what I want. People just can't seem to get rid of those stuffed animals fast enough. If it looks like some little kid dripped some snot on it one night - its not good enough for Kahlua - it needs to be pristine.
See, Kahlua is waiting at home every Saturday morning. Patiently waiting for mom and dad. And now, it's like he knows we just might come home at about 11 am with a new stuffed animal for him. He lives for it. He loves it - and because he loves it and is so reasonable about it - he gets it. After all, he's my boy and demands nothing of me really - it's the very least I can do for someone so loyal.
This past Saturday we found a good one. It's a little duck, and it says a prayer when Kahlua bites into it. They recorded a little girl, with the sweetest voice, praying: 'now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I ........ Amen". It's awesome. Now, normally he would find the 'toy' inside within minutes and detach the pesky noise making device - like a surgeon removing a kidney - he surgically removes the thing inside without really doing too much damage to the rest of the animal. He'd make a good doctor.
But Kahlua likes this little girls voice - and the prayer. It's funny, he seems to find solace and rest in the comforting words and the tone of the little girls voice. It's been a week now, and the 'toy' is still inside. He'll grab the duck and squeeze, it prays, and he looks up at me as if to say - "isn't this nice - doesn't it feel good dad - doesn't it sound peaceful?" I say ya - that's nice - I like it too!
Then he puts it down, does his other stuff, and every now and then he'll just chomp down on the duck to hear it pray - look at me - smile - and move on.
There's something about this dog.

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