Monday, March 15, 2010



I think I'm allergic to pasta - really.  Or, maybe it's that I eat so much of it - everytime - that my stomach just can't handle it, and my body's defense system sends messages to my brain to shut down every moving part until the problem is solved (it takes about 8 hrs to recover).  I don't know.  But I love spaghetti and when it's in the  room, I can't stay away from it until it's gone.

Just ask Candy (my sister).  Every Monday night I go to Candy's for spaghetti.  She'll tell you, I'm just a pig when it comes to her spaghetti.  I can't help it - it's that good.  We all eat, then she makes up a special dessert, and we all watch '24' together.  "Jack Bauer" gets the bad guy, blows up a lot of stuff, and saves the world. Life is very good on Monday nights.
A few years back I used to be lucky enough to travel to Wash D.C. to have "Tuesday Night Dinner" with my other sister Cindy.  Oh ya - it was good too.  Don't tell anyone, but there were at least 2 occasions where I 'engineered' a business trip to D.C. just to eat there on Tuesday night.  I was crashing the party of an established group of young kids - they always wondered why I was there and when I was going to leave - but it didn't bother me - I was eating large.   (thanks Cindy!).
So for now -  allergic or not, I'm going for it - every Monday night - as long as she'll tolerate me (and the rest of us).  It's just that good.  So Candy, please, for the love of spaghetti and the world, don't stop the insanity!


jordenlane said...

Dad - Great blog. Candy - thanks for changing the way we look at Mondays - and for all you do.

Walch Family said...

I LOVE spaghetti night!!! It makes Mondays so much more enjoyable!

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