Sunday, April 18, 2010

My New Boots

Well, they're not for me - they're for some little kid someday.  But I think they look cool next to mine!  He's gonna be a Texan, for sure.
I figure we'll go to the rodeo together in the Spring.  We'll go to the Fair in the Fall.  We'll go camping all year round.  Go dirt bik'in in the summer.
Maybe we'll just kick some rocks, look for girls to pester.  I'm always digin holes, he can help with that.
Whatever - they'll look good and clean up nice.


Anonymous said...

Just cause he's going to be mexican doesn't mean you can make him work in your yard. Hahaha just kidding. It's good to see ya planning ahead. I like the boots.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Sounds like y'all are gonna be busy boys!!

Jorden Lane said...

LOVE it Dad! :)

Mom said...

I think you're really catching on. This little guy is already blessed and loved. Love your picture and blog.

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