Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Rhino

Someday - I'll own my own sailboat.  Until then, well, I've got a big model that inspires me - it's awesome.  I've had it for years.  It sits in the living room in front of the window to remind me to strive for 'something',  But I never had a name for it unitl my nephew named it today.
i love it.
"The Rhino"
Thanks buddy - it's just what I needed today.
Someday I'm gonna get me a lakehouse, and get a little sailboat.  It'll be called "The Rhino".  And we can sail, and sail, and sail - the wind will take us out far, and then it will blow us back to shore.  We'll tell the wind where to take us.  We'll go right, left, turn, straighten out.  We'll tip until we can tip no more.  We'll defy the wind and sail right into it - and then turn till it takes us fast back to the dock.
The Rhino.  Blind Faith.  Following the wind.  Fighting the wind.  Using the wind.  Free to take us no-where.


Lari said...

Love it Scot! We enjoyed seeing you and the boys had so much fun swimming.

Autumnskye said...

When you get that sailboat, and I know you will, my Scott and I would love to join you on The Rhino! You and Dina take care...oh, and if you think of something really cool and kind of different for a 37 and 40 year old grandparents please let us know. I've been trying and haven't had much luck. I was in Austin a couple of weekends ago and a man I was speaking with couldn't believe I had a 12 year old. I really blew him away when I told him my oldest son was 21. He thought I was 28. Too sweet and kind...LOL!
You and Dina take care...love to you both.

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