Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ledger Cross

Ledger Cross Moreno:  9.02.10  7.13oz  21.5"
This isn't about me, I'm just sayin, I swear, on my grandmothers grave, both of them, it would not be advisable for someone to walk up to me and call me 'gramps', 'grampa',  'peepa', 'granddad', 'grandpa', 'papa', 'pawpaw', 'bompa', 'big paw', 'pop', 'pop-pop', 'bumpy', 'boppa' or any other word stating with a 'p' or 'b' designating me as an old man.  Ya, I'll hit fast and hard - so don't try it.

But, that said, you can call me "Mzee' anyday of the week.  It's 'Mzee'.  Like:  MMMMMMMM ZZZZZ-EEEEEE.   Like 'Hay', with an 'M' in front of it, without the 'h', but insert a 'z' zed.   MZEE.  You have to pronouce the 'MMMM' - then add the 'ZAY' - but it's spelled 'MZEE'.   (lord help us all).

You'd think I was speaking another language or something.  But, yes, it's Swahili - look it up if you want - google it, tweet it or something ...... but trust me:  It's MZEE - and millions of grandkids around the globe call their best friend - Mzee.

It's all about Ledger Cross Moreno.  The best looking baby in the Americas today.  I'm serious,  Ledger is the #1 cutest baby boy on the planet.  I'm sorry if you have one of your own, this isn't personal, it's just the way it is - you'll get over it.
I couldn't be more proud of my Ledger!
(ps.  grandmas name is 'Aya' - (whatever) 


Anonymous said...

He is one proud MZEE! Gots to love him.

Autumnskye said...

I must agree Scot that Ledger is one beautiful baby boy. Believe it or not Scott and I just became grandparents ourselves...still not certain what to have Ezra Patrick Reardon call us yet. Phillip is doing his best trying to help Samantha. He isn't in a relatioship with her, but is the father (yes, my family is whacked). But he is staying with her for a little while to help her. You know mommies need TLC too. I am happy he has at least stepped up to the plate for that. I will send you and Dina photos as soon as I am able. By the way, I love MZEE and AYA!! They fit you and Dina quite well.

FYI: Ezra Patrick Reardon was born on 02, October 2010 (obvious). He weighed in at 7.1 pounds and is 20 inches long. Oh. and arrived to breathe his first breath of oxygen and pollutants at 10:10 am. I am excited as babies touch our hearts. And his mother, Samantha is amazing. She and I have formed a nice bond and as I've no idea what Phillip may be doing at least I know I can help her. Please say prayers for Phillip if you would. I've taken Dina's advice, and though it is hard I'll stick by the decision I've made. He goes before the judge again on 06, October. Two days before my birthday. Oh the irony of life.
I love you guys and all of your family. Jamie

Anonymous said...

What a lucky boy to have y'all as Mzee and Aya!! He's so sweet. Can't wait to meet him.

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