Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Dad @ 80

In 1930, somewhere in New York, Donald Edward Kanaley was born.  Now, he's EIGHTY (80!) and he's been my dad for over 50 years.
(fyi, in this picture, he's not 80 yet).
Turns out, he came from a broken home.  I never met his father, my grandfather.   Things happen.  People make decisions.  It happened back then, and it happens today.  You think things are tough now, but they were tougher back then.
When he was 20 years old - someone walked into dad's life:  Jesus.  He told him to 'follow me', and dad was obediant - like Peter and Paul.  From that day on, dad followed - sometimes blindly, by faith alone.  And he's still following.  Some people think that's an easy road (walking with the Lord) - I know - I hear them, I've talked to them  (but I don't tolerate them much).  It's the HARD road, the narrow road.  A life lived for Christ is anything but easy.  It's joyful when you're walking with Him, but miserable in ways you can't imagine (and until you've done it, you'll not understand the paradox of it).  The world despises you, loathes you, laughs at you, mocks you.  Outside the US, they simply kill you for being a Christian.  No big deal, thousands a day. 
Like the Israelites in the desert leaving Egypt, God gave them enough bread to eat for one day at a time - that's it.  It forced them to trust Him everyday and to not look past that day.  So too, with dad it seems - always given enough to survive on for the day.  The result has been amazing to watch over the years.  He's been taken care of.  And the family has grown to some 17 or 18 grandkids and 23 or so great grandkids (I can't keep track).

None of it came easy and none of it was simple (and never will be).  But the result has been grand.  So hang in there and keep on pushing - stay on the narrow path - the tough path.  Don't ever give up!

Dad is our example that Christ takes care of his flock.



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