Monday, May 9, 2011

Duck Eggs Dogs and Masters

Kahlua ('the' dog with issues) has been just barely catching the female mallard duck in the backyard - every morning - for a week.  Yesterday he got the back end of her and most of her feathers are in the pool now.  But she made it out, floating over the arbor, gracefully - for a duck.  I didn't realize till this weekend that ducks only pretend to fly, until they reach a certain height.  They fake it for the first 50 feet - it's embarrassing really, the flapping of the wings, the dragging of the clumsy feet - it looks painful - but they make it.  I wonder if God created ducks to demonstrate something to us:  you were made for land and water, but you can soar high and far - but it won't be easy for you to clear the fence.  Once you clear the fence, reach some height, and trust in Me, then you can go anywhere and do anything
But that's a little deep for all I want to say here.
I'm looking for advice:  this duck has done the unthinkable in my backyard - she laid 9 eggs.  A week ago someone in the neighborhood sent out and email blast warning all of us that the last thing you want is a duck laying eggs in your backyard.  She has a pool too and some duck took over the pool - laid eggs - and this homeowner eventually spent hundreds of dollars 'relocating' the baby ducklings somewhere into east Texas. 
Worse - I have a dog (Kahlua) who wants a duck, and all the babies he can get.  He salivates as he gazes out the window toward the bush he KNOWS houses the duck and her kids.  It's just instinct.  He doesn't want them for himself - he wants them for ME.  I know this dog, he yearns to please me.  And his greatest pleasure is to capture the cutest rabbit, bird, squirrel or whatever - and to lay his gift at my feet (usually squirming just moments from death).  Sorry - not pretty - but it's his instinct and nothing more.  A God-given instinct.  He wishes to please his master.

So now I've got to keep Kahlua out of the backyard for the summer.  Bummer.

But it has made me think of something:

Is your instinct to please your Master?  No matter what, no matter how seemingly gruesome or crazy?  How far do we go each day to just follow our instinct to please our Master?  Not too far I'm afraid.  But then again - who is your Master?  Maybe you do please your master (little 'm').

Until you've met JC (for real), your instinct is to dis-please Him - it's our sin nature to serve ourselves and Satan - and not Him.  It's our human nature to do the wrong thing - to serve the wrong master - and to be disappointed everydayDon't live a dead end life serving the wrong master.  Once we learn to serve the REAL Master - life is sooooo good.
Anyway - what am I going to do with all these mallards??

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