Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hamburgers - Animal Style

Today they opened the first In-N-Out Burger in Texas, and it's in my bakyard - I could walk to it.  That's important, because prior to today, I had to fly to San Diego (or Phoenix) for a good hamburger, fries and a milkshake.
I'm gonna save THOUSANDS $$!
We tried, but we couldn't eat there today.  I'd guess 100,000, maybe 200,000 people were in line, in cars and on foot.  (I'm not good with numbers - but there were a lot of people).  I was thinking they couldn't possible have had enough food in there for all those people, then a big semi pulled up with the refresh.  I'm thinking of going over late tonight to see if the crowds have slowed down.
Someone (a fool at work) told me he doesn't really like In-n-Out hamburgers.  I said - "what does that have to do with it?"  Puzzled (a common look for this particular guy), he asked what I meant.  I had to explain a lot of things to him - including the fact that sometimes it's about the experience as much as the food.  And I asked him if he had ever ordered 'animal style'?,  and of course he had never heard of it.  "Protein style maybe"?, a blank stare.   In the end, it turns out he prefers 'burger king'  (just shoot me).
I love going to Starbucks for coffee too.  This same guy told me he doesn't like Starbucks coffee, and I said "what does that have to do with it"?
I contend that businesses don't (generally) succeed because their stuff tastes better, or looks better, or is made better than the other guy.  They succeed because they offer more than the obvious - they offer an experience, an identity, an attitude.  A MEMORY.
We have a lot of family memories at In-N-Out California  -  and plan to keep that tradition going here in Texas.
and, John 3:16 - on the bottom of every cup.  nice.  



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