Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jumping Off

Jumping Off.  When my favorite (and only) son graduated from Baylor this weekend - it reminded me of a lot of things.  It reminded me that at one time - I jumped.

I bet you jumped - at least once.  You know, the time you took that big risk - the real big one.  The time you said 'yes' - even when you should have said 'no'.  That investment you made - and shouldn't have.  Your first house.  Your first car.  Your first love.  When you became a Christian.  Or, when you told God you were done - with Him - because He didn't come through for you.

You Jumped.  And it felt good.  Then maybe it felt bad.

Have you jumped lateley?

When Dagen jumped off this wall Friday - this statue of "Mr. Baylor"- it was in effect, a symbol of beginning something new.  I don't know how he does it, but he always seems to be on the cusp of something unimaginable - and he's always animated.  Just when I think he can't possibly do this next thing, he does, he pulls it off.  Then, just when I think he's got this other thing all wired-up tight - he doesn't.  He's usually in tune with God - he has a close walk - very close.  The thing is, he still trusts, no matter what.  Good news or bad - he's leaving it to God who knows what he needs - who sees the bigger picture - who wants the best for him - the REAL best.  This approach to life takes courage - real courage.  It's what makes us so proud of Dagen - the master.

When God says no, and kicks you around a little, just to show you who is boss - it's what you do then that counts.  Nothing else counts.  The way you react, tells God what you're made of - who you really belong to.  You may say - "hey, a loving God wouldn't kick me around" - ummmmm, ya, he would, he does.  The single most complex theological quandary out there is the  "why God, why??" question.   It's when he nudges that you flinch and sometimes coward back, and run like a rabbit, or you want to hit back.

His question to you is:  "Who do you trust - tell me - WHO - and tell me now"?!

We all have questions, and always will.  We've all been there - you may be there now.  You can pull-up, the plane doesn't have to crash.  It's never too late to begin trusting Him - and jumping off again - in the right direction - toward Him.

Where are you headed now - what are you doing next?   Is it time now to jump, and to start trusting something bigger and better than yourself (ie JC!). 

Just something to think about - I am.  Has nothing really to do with Dagen's spectacular performance over the last 4 years at Baylor - but still - good to think about.
Oh, and Congratulations Dagen!!  YOU DID IT.

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